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Innovation in Robotics

Small Yet Powerful General Industry Robots

​First of a new generation of robots for General Industry, Racer3 is a concrete example of intensive R&D, a factor that has contributed to Comau’s leadership position within the industry. This constant commitment to innovation is the engine that supports our evolution, both in terms of new technological developments as well as unique approaches to new market sectors.


​Built entirely of aluminum and magnesium, Racer 3 weighs only 30 kg with a maximum reach of 630 mm and a payload of 3 kg. With its compact dimensions and extreme speed - preliminary tests show that Racer3 is the fastest robot in its class - this robot can handle a variety of applications (assembly, handling, machine tending, dispensing and fast pick & place, etc.) within industries such as food and beverage, electronics, plastics, metalworking, and more. In other words, Racer3 is the perfect choice for applications requiring the highest precision and speed in a reduced work area.

The rigidity that characterizes Racer3 ensures speed, precision and repeatability at every stage of work. And because the body of the robot is hollow, it allows a smooth transition of the wiring and the maximum flexibility of its movements.