Integrated Robotics

Industrial Automatic Machines: Automation and Solutions

Ready to Run

Our robots are fully integrated with the software and controllers you’re already using.

Our commitment to helping you make the most from our wide, high-quality robot range extends to giving you full access to process controls and advanced functionality. This level of seamless integration translates to increased overall efficiency. Everything you need to make your advanced digitalization solutions even better.

SIEMENS Sinumerik

We’ve leveraged Siemens’ smart solutions for processing machines to fully integrate our robots into the Siemens Sinumerik CNC Direct Control system. With Siemens Run MyRobot /Direct Control, you can fully synchronize our robot arms with your machining cells in a direct and comprehensive way. Precise path control, cost-effective monitoring and remote diagnosis of the entire process is just the start.

B&R openRobotics

With B&R Industrial Automation, our controller-less robots can seamlessly integrate within any automated system by leveraging the same ready-to-use software functionality of the CPUs that are already installed in a plant’s automation infrastructure using integrated MAPP (modular application technology). And because the kinematics are controlled by the openRobotics machine PLC, and programming is done with integrated MAPP component libraries, you can enjoy faster programming time in addition to full synchronization and easy diagnostics of the automated lines.

KEBA KeMotion

Our robots are now integrated with KEBA KeMotion, allowing you to access the full power of this turnkey automation solution. We supply the robot arm and cables, everything else is ready to run thanks to the control cabinet made from KeMotion components, which combines motion, robotics, drive technology, safety technology and a user-friendly HMI within in compact, modular and scalable system. Finally, the integrated solution lets you implement automation tasks on a single, common hardware and software platform for faster commissioning, better performance and higher efficiency.

Rockwell Automation

Thanks to a unified control system developed in close collaboration with Rockwell Automation, our robots and other industrial systems can be configured together in a single programming environment. The system uses Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000® design software to facilitate all the operations necessary to coordinate the robot control system with that of machine tools. The whole process becomes simpler, faster and more intuitive as a result. The benefits are obvious: companies can simplify the control of their manufacturing processes, improve machine performance, save time and reduce processing costs.