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Zero Design Cells

Optimize production with Zero Design Cells

Discover the pre-engineered, plug-and-play robotic cell advantage

Fast set-up with zero engineering design hours

Comau’s Zero Design manufacturing approach lets companies of all sizes leverage standardized, pre-engineered cells to simplify automation without sacrificing precision or performance. Comau’s interchangeable design structure guarantees easy reuse and repurposing when production requirements change, which can be as simple as changing the auxiliary equipment.

Protect your investment with built-in flexibility

With a modular structure and easily substitutable tools and end-effectors, each Zero Design cell forms the base for multiple different robotic set-ups, letting you perform diverse applications with the same cell unit. What’s more, production can be ramped up or down without the need for costly structural changes. And because the cells are highly versatile, you can personalize your set-up while ensuring future scalability.

Cutting-edge Automation

Thanks to proven expertise in automation, digitalization and electrification, Comau is able to provide best-in-class systems based upon standardized robotic cells that are fully tested, validated and functional before arriving at the customer’s site.

Better Time
to Market

Zero design manufacturing allows organizations to quickly respond to changes in customer demand without lengthy engineering design time, which can significantly reduce the time and cost of deploying new applications.

Real-time Analysis and Control

From real-time performance and status analysis to the automated traceability of parts and quality of output, comprehensive cell digitalization lets you control parameters and immediately correct process or material variations in real-time.

Top benefits of Comau’s Zero Design cells

Standard configuration provides a ‘”Plug and Play’ solution

Fast installation and commissioning on site delivers up to 70% time reduction

Easy to use with no need for training hours, reduces total cost of ownership

Validated products and processes with CE & UL certifications ensure part repetition and reliability

Scalable implementation and investment enables a cost efficient modular approach to subsequent projects

Ramp-up production in the fastest and most cost-effective way

Cell digitization allows for clear visibility of operations


Optimizing Production with Zero Design Cells

The case for automating with modular and standard assembly cells