Welding Robots and How to Automate Production

With products that revolutionize your bodyshop

Robot Welding Guns

A complete range for every type of application in BIW for steel or aluminum joining.

Compact Welding Guns

A lighter more compact welding gun with the best performance for steel or aluminum joining.

Versa Welding Guns

Robustness and reliability are the key sucess factors of this product from several years.

RSW Aluminum Welding Guns

One unique gun for the complete aluminum body.

Manual Welding Guns

A high level of standardisation for a complete welding cell suitable for pilot or production lines.

Manual Welding Guns

Based on the robot welding gun concept, a single size for all the applications.

MFDC Welding Box

Compact design for multiple solutions, to ensure the highest spot quality.


A wide range of optional components to complete the manual welding cell.

Spot Welding Machine – APC – RHEvo

Spot Welding Machine

The robot and welding gun become one. This unique combination offers a new dimension in spot welding.

Accumulate Pallet Conveyors

Overhead or floor solution, simple, flexible and modular.


High Tech Roller Hemming and monitoring solution.

Line Feeding

​Products family which answer the need to feed the line.

LF18 Single Bay Rack

Simple and safety solution to pick and place the rack.

LF15 Lifting Turn Table for Racks

System developed to optimise floor space and cycle time.

AVT: Adjustable Versa Trolley

Safety rack trolley to avoid forklift by optimising the logistic flow.

Vision Systems

​Innovative products and turnkey solutions for robot guidance, measurement and inspection.

Robot Guidance

Advanced solutions based on visual recognition technology with 3D single camera for deracking and high precision applications.


High repeatability measurement for quality control on Gauging, In-line and Gap & Flush applications.


Innovative solutions for quality monitoring on joining technologies.