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Welding guns, robots and automated products

Welding Guns

  • Compact C-type / X-type / CXR (steel joint)
  • Compact high-force C-type / X-type (aluminum joint)
  • Versa B-type / C-type / X-type / CXR-type (steel & aluminum joint)
  • Manual C-type / X-type (steel joint)  

Comau welding guns are the result of our capability to listen to the customer: what really counts is to guarantee functionality, quality, cost effectiveness and process efficiency. Our welding guns are modularly and symmetrically designed to reduce spare parts, overall weight and procurement lead time, and are available for steel and aluminum welding.

The new Comau Compact gun weighs less than those of competitors and is about 300 mm more compact. All these new characteristics do not alter its performances. It can handle any welding application and enables the use of smaller Robots in high density stations.

Compact Welding Guns

A lighter more compact welding gun with the best performance for steel or aluminum joining.

Versa Welding Guns

Robustness and reliability are the key sucess factors of this product from several years.

Manual Welding Guns

Based on the robot welding gun concept, a single size for all the applications.

Spot Welding Machine

When talking about spot welding application we think with the Customers’ mind-set.

The request is to reach efficient results in the simplest way. The answer is what we call the Comau Spot Welding Machine: a package designed to multiply the advantages of integrated solutions.

Spot Welding Machine

The robot and welding gun become one. This unique combination offers a new dimension in spot welding.