Compact Welding Gun

Robot Welding Guns: Robot Welding Guns

A lighter, more compact servo weld gun than ever before, ensuring the best performance in every application within BIW. Suited to all types of spot welding work, it significantly reduces the necessary payload of its supporting robo.

Compact is a product founded on simplicity and modularity. Two standard chassis (“C”, “X”) provide a light and compact solution; 100% of typical body shop requirements are satisfied with this versatile product.


  • Fully compatible with any robot brand with internal or external dressing
  • Light and compact
  • Comau Servo actuator
  • Comau transformer (MFDC)
  • Equalisation through robot compensation
  • No external cables
  • Robcad Simulation effectively 100%
  • Fireproof (ABS VH-0800E) cover protects from spatter/contamination

The new compact gun (BGA ALUMINUM T7075-T651) weights 30 kilos less than the previous gun and is more compact in length by about 300 mm without affecting its performances.