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Comau Robot Offering: industrial robotics and anthropomorphic robotic arms

MATE-XT Exoskeleton

Take lightweight and highly breathable ergonomic support to the eXTreme.
MATE-XT reduces muscle effort during strenous indoor and outdoor tasks.

The MATE exoskeleton suit has been designed to improve the quality of life at work by providing consistent, advanced shoulder and arm assistance during repetitive operations and daily tasks.

SPACE RESEARCH and TESTING ARGOTEC & Comau together to test nanosatellites for deep space
PALLETIZING Robotized internal logistics for dairy industry
PALLETIZING Comau PAL 180 – palletizing boxes of paints and thinners – ROBOTEK
PACKAGING Comau NS-12 and NJ-40 – line for automated repackaging
PACKAGING Comau SCARA REBEL-S6 – line for filling self-forming boxes – SISCODATA
LOGISTICS Comau – products for logistics automation shown at Ipackima Fair
ARC WELDING Comau ARC4 welding robot CMT system @Fiotek Rustfri Stål – EGATEC
MACHINE TENDING Comau NS12 in machine tending, washing, palletizing
PRESS TO PRESS FCA Pomigliano plant stamping shop automation of press Line N 120
METROLOGY MEASUREMENT FCA Pomigliano plant stamping shop metrology station – measurement cell with COMAU NJ-110-3.0
FOUNDRY Comau NJ-60 100% 3D quality control – production in line
AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS MASERATI Levante plant – Comau Robots in multiple applications

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You can find here an increasing list of automation solutions for your needs, provided by System Integrators with Comau products. A unique automation suite composed by Comau robots, controls and software that easily fit in with your production processes.

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​Robotics by Numbers

More than 40 different industrial robots

Payloads of 3 to 650 kg

Horizontal reach of < 1 m to over 3 m

> 25% reduction in cycle times