All Welding and Assembly Technologies

No matter what technology solution you’re looking for, we can deliver it.

High-Performance Assembly

Setting the global benchmark in advanced automation systems for companies of all sizes is what Comau does best. From versatile 3D laser systems and robotized cutting processes to advanced joining solutions, and from roller hemming to palletizing and transfer systems, Comau’s innovative technologies deliver efficiency, flexibility, durability and a quick return on investment.

Our Expertise:

  • Laser Technology
    Laser welding, brazing and cutting technologies combine speed, accuracy and flexibility with ease-of-use and higher throughput, allowing you to hit increasingly tight production targets and stricter quality standards. Our laser technology also ensures optimal productivity when dealing with complex or three-dimensional objects.
  • Spot Welding
    High-Density-Welding (HDW) allows up to 18 robots to simultaneously weld in one station while delivering the highest spot quantity with the lowest operational footprint.
  • Arc Technology
    Our four decades of experience in Automotive make Comau the right partner to provide turnkey automatic robotic solutions for MIG brazing, MAG welding and plasma cutting applications. Our Senior Engineers (IWE, IWT) support our Customers in developing flexible and innovative systems with high productivity and process quality.
  • Riveting and Fastening
    Automated, semi-automated and manual solutions that enable you to quickly add new lightweight materials and innovative joining technologies to your manufacturing process.
  • Vision and Control
    From 2D/3D robot guidance with true visual recognition, to enhanced measurement and advanced, in-line dimensional control. Our vision system technology incorporates powerful object-based algorithms and processors to improve manipulation, quality monitoring, gap & flush analysis, geometry inspection and more.

Palletizing and Transfer

More speed, more performance, less fuel consumption. From stand-alone pallet conveyors and transfer systems to automated in-line transfer solutions, innovation and excellence go hand-in-hand.

Our Expertise:

  • Standard Conveyors
  • Accumulated Pallet Conveyors
  • Automated Line Feeding
  • In-line Transfer Systems

Lightweight Manufacturing

Our world class competencies and technological innovation in lightweight materials manufacturing is why today’s most important automakers choose Comau as their trusted manufacturing partner.

Our Expertise:

  • Model flexibility with random build sequencing
  • Volume flexibility
  • Diverse materials and joining methods
  • Improved logistics and reduced traffic flow
  • Consolidation of direct labor placement
  • Compressed program timing
  • Reduced facility footprint

Focus On: Roller Hemming

Offering advanced flexibility and push-pull hemming power, the RHEvo roller hemming solution consistently and reliably completes the entire hemming cycle in just two steps without sacrificing speed or precision.

Focus On: Laser Technology

Our patented lasers technology combines the precision and versatility of robotics with the high-speed and extreme accuracy of lasers for increased performance, flexibility and quality.

Focus On: Spot Welding Technology

Productivity, reliability and integrated elements are the key elements of our spot welding technology offer, which includes a light and compact system able to sustain a high payload at high speeds.