Schools & Education

e.DO™ Experience

Inspiring and engaging education

Comau is committed to working closely with students and educators to evolve the use of robotics as an innovative learning tool, starting with our e.DO™ robotic platform.

e.DO is a flexible, interactive open-source robot designed to stimulate creativity and participation inside and outside a classroom setting. The Industry 4.0-enabled robot is part of an open and modular ecosystem that helps educators deploy robotics to address a variety of interests and target groups as part of a modern and highly-relevant didactical path.

A new paradigm in interactive learning

The e.DO™ Experience Suite is based on an interdisciplinary approach to learning that integrates and consolidates key skill areas. These include Robotics, STEM subjects, cooperation, communication, teamwork, creativity and other Soft Skills, as well as an introduction to competitive problem-solving, industrial culture and a results-based orientation. 

Helping educators meet didactic objectives

The e.DO™ Experience Suite was created to facilitate a pragmatic approach to learning that spans multiple disciplines and age groups. In the classroom or at an event, e.DO can help deliver a hands-on experience that encourages participation, cooperation and inclusion among participants. e.DO also provides an unconventional and engaging learning journey and develops the ability to link disciplinary learning to the world at large. 

Anyone can enjoy the e.DO™ Experience

From kids, students and teachers to families, professionals, robot lovers, conference delegates, museum and event participants, Comau has an e.DO™ Experience to fulfill the specific needs of the target audience that is consistent with the learning styles of its generation.