Robotics License

Robot for Teaching: Robotics License

​Together with Pearson, world leader in the Education sector, we’re giving students the chance to get a Robotics License, an internationally recognised certification.

Why a robotics license?

To offer teacher and schools an excellent teaching project that enhances their formative offering and students a passport to the world of work.

  1. What is the robotics license?
    It’s an internationally recognised industrial robot use and programming certification.
  2. Why take robotics into the classroom?
    Because robotics and industry 4.0 are already part of our lives and it’s essential to provide formation for new generations in this area.
  3. The advantages for students?
    Three-year students can gain certification that equates to that of professionals by taking an exam at the end of a training path.
  4. Is it an official school–work path?
    The educational offering has been recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research as an official school–work path, with a total of 100 hours per student.
  5. The advantages for the teacher?
    The project involves a certified 40-hour training path for the teachers. This competence remains personally available to the individual teachers in the school.
  6. The advantages for the school?
    Schools can take advantage of funding, including through Italian PON 2014-2020, for projects linked to digital teaching and robotics.

The training path for teachers and students


40 hours of training for immediate use in the classroom.


100 hours of training and registration for the license exam.

Who is Pearson?

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