Cognitive Automation meets Advanced Vision Systems

Four unique solutions. One powerful family.

Comau’s new Machine Inspection Recognition Archetypes (MI.RA) family of flexible, hardware-agnostic vision systems allow companies of all sizes to face quality inspection and robotic guidance tasks in a smart and seamless way.

Delivering the flexibility and innovation to meet the demands of today’s most challenging production scenarios, the MI.RA portfolio of products helps ensure modular, scalable, stable and customizable solutions that reduce operating expenses while increasing throughput and performance. Cognitive automation has never been easier!


Imagine programming a robot to do complex tasks using simple and intuitive commands, such as look at an object, touch a specific point in space, or listen, reproduce and execute an action. MI.RA/Dexter is a powerful metalanguage software program that converts human language into robotic syntax, helping optimize industrial operations and increase efficiency. And because it can be used without the need for specific competence in IT or robotics, MI.RA/Dexter is able to reduce or eliminate dedicated programming costs.


Too many times, high electrical resistance can create high energy loss and heat generation, which can provoke safety issues. Comau’s MI.RA/Thermography is the first automated inline testing solution designed to optimize battery assembly while saving time and costs. Using thermal imaging and artificial intelligence, MI.RA/Thermography performs non-invasive automated assessment to control each and every welded joint, ensuring battery integrity and quality, and preventing waste.


Comau’s complete all-in-one MI.RA/3D technology delivers 3D robot guidance without the expensive 3D camera. Our hardware agnostic solution reliably helps robots execute high-precision operations using a 2D camera and Comau’s advanced algorithms. By fully adapting the guidance precision to meet the specific requirements of the task at hand, MI.RA/3D allows robots to perform challenging tasks smarter, faster and with increased accuracy.


Comau’s automated depalletization solution uses 3D robot guidance and machine learning algorithms to handle even the most fragile containers. The innovative MI.RA/Depalletizer technology detects and distinguishes mixed SKU types from the surrounding environment to automatically handle the complexity of large-scale depalletizing operations, ensuring precision and delivering higher productivity despite the high variability among SKUs and box positions.

Advanced humanized robotics for 360° testing

The performance of an infotainment center is largely driven by its design quality and the efficiency of its human machine interface. To test both, in a fast, automated and cost-effective manner, Comau has humanized its robotic test bench to see the screen, execute operations and respond to image, text and voice inputs – just like the driver.