50 years

Shaping Innovation

2023 was a very significant year for Comau. It represents the achievement of a milestone, because there are not many companies that can tell a story like ours.

A story based on growth and expansion, of challenges won and sometimes lost, of lessons learned from others.

A story based on expertise and technology, that we’ll continue to make available to all our customers and partners, both in our traditional competence areas and in brand new markets that we’re already targeting with innovative solutions.

A story of passion.

Shaping Innovation

SHAPING INNOVATION. It is an expression of Comau’s ability to give shape to continuously new solutions, bringing many different skills together to create every time something new that looks into the future.

Celebrating a 50-year history

50 years studded with challenges to overcome and successes, which have seen Comau grow and evolve thanks to an international and multicultural team capable of anticipating technological and market trends, devising cutting-edge automation solutions.

And it is fundamental to remember that ours is a history of transformation, because Comau is not what it was 50 years ago, or even 5 years ago. We never stop pursuing the future.

We invite you to see the main milestones Comau has achieved during this journey. Watch below:

Our Roots

A story that starts from the first robotic system launched on the market in the 70s, to the technologies that in the 80s and 90s have allowed Comau to open a new era of automation, more advanced and flexible. From the global expansion that has successfully led our company into the new millennium, to the development of increasingly innovative products and systems, up to the new advanced robotics, digital and e-Mobility solutions.

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Comau’s ongoing push for innovation has naturally led it to adopt and create sustainable solutions and technologies, both for its own operations and those of its customers. 

Corporate Governance

​​Comau Group companies are strongly committed to conducting their activities in compliance,  respecting the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


Comau’s Quality Management System conforms to the latest international standards. Comau’s Quality Management System conforms to the latest international standards.