high tech environment with 2 machines dedicated to hairpin manufacturing in e-mobility

Discover the Hairpin Stator Manufcturing Solution

Driving E-Manufacturing with enhanced efficiency, flexibility and performance

Effective ergonomic support with Comau exoskeletons

Revolutionize your work with MATE Exoskeletons

Reducing physical strain and simplifying daily activities

Comau Automation solutions for Hydrogen

Boosting alternative energy sources

Discover Comau automation solutions for Hydrogen

Fiat Manufacturing Line in Brazil

Customer Story

Comau’s advanced automation technology helps drive production for the Fiat Pulse and Fiat Fastback SUVs

Automated Bin-Picking solution


Harness the power of perception-based random bin picking featuring 3D vision technology, advanced sensors, and an intuitive programming interface

Next Generation Robotics easy to use and program

Accelerating advanced automation solutions

Comau partnered with Intrinsic towards the shared vision of democratizing robotics. Watch the virtual keynote.


Customer Story

Flexible production with an innovative Body Welding solution for Hycan Electric Vehicles

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Comau is making advanced automation more affordable and programming easier with Intrinsic’s Flowstate. “Partnering with Comau over the years has brought our team a tremendous amount of expertise, knowledge, and real world use cases to focus our efforts on. The development of Intrinsic Flowstate has been expedited through Comau’s willingness to innovate together on solving hard problems in new ways. We’re excited for what’s next and what it will mean to the solution builders of today and tomorrow.”

Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic