Next-generation training with e.DO™ and Soldamatic

Next-generation training with e.DO™ and Soldamatic

Robotic Welding Proficiency License

Unlocking the power of augmented reality

Comau and Seabery now offer a modern training program based upon the e.DO™ educational robot, whose programmable teach pendant settings respond to nearly any professional and educational requirement.

Featuring everything needed for students and workers to learn and practice the skills needed to become proficient and certified robotic welders, the comprehensive and scalable solution is designed to help fulfill the global demand for expert welding professionals.

Learn robotics welding in a classroom setting

Although Industry 4.0 automation is driving the global need for robotics welders, dedicated training is not easy to find in traditional institutions or vocational schools, largely due to the high costs and need for dedicated safety equipment. To meet this challenge, Comau and Seabery now offer a comprehensive hands-on training program that can be delivered in virtually any classroom or upskilling environment via a multi-sensory training interface.

Fast-track a future career path

Robotics welders are highly skilled employees who can enjoy rewarding and sustainable careers. As the first-of-its-kind training in the industry, our e.DO™/Soldamatic simulator reproduces a real-life robotic welding environment to offer both an accelerant to Industry 4.0 and a progressive step to fulfill the global gap in skilled technical labor.

It also allows unlimited practice that can be adapted to nearly every welding procedure specification (WPS), while covering specialized topics such as advanced welding joints and creating robotic welding simulations for nearly any position.

Comau Robotics Welding Certification

Successful completion of the course leads to the acquisition of a Comau Robotics Welding License that students can make immediate use of to find work.


  • Innovative and easy-to-use
  • Designed for classroom education and workforce upskilling
  • Augmented reality safely teaches hands-on skills
  • Dedicated solution meets the growing demand for welding professionals
  • Comau Robotics Welding License obtained upon completion of the course

About Seabery

Seabery Augmented Technology is the worldwide leading company in the development of educational solutions with augmented reality technology.
The Soldamatic Augmented Training solution is currently implemented in more than 80 countries and its growth is exponential. Soldamatic is provided HyperReal-SimTM technology and has been awarded as The Best Augmented Reality Application in Education at the Auggie Awards (Silicon Valley, California) as it proposes a new paradigm in the world of traditional training.