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Being part of Comau means working in a dynamic environment that is oriented toward innovation and multiculturalism, offers real opportunities for growth and aims for excellence. Here at Comau, we look to the future with enthusiasm and passion and are ready to face new challenges every day.

We encourage individual skills and ambitions by promoting the development of talent and creativity. For us, people are a real value and can make a significant difference, which is why we invest in the professional growth of our employees with targeted and specific training programs.

Our values

  • Be close to the Customer
  • Build value-driven solutions
  • Think Innovatively
  • Challenge and learn
  • Act as a network
  • Take ownership
  • Be simple, lean and transparent
  • Communicate openly

Students and graduates

Comau offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain practical work experience according to their studies. Thanks to the support of expert tutors, students can take part in structured projects to explore various business areas. The internship can also be aimed at writing the candidate’s thesis.

We work closely with Italian and foreign universities and business schools, and we create programs that enable students to integrate study and work experiences.

Experienced candidates

For candidates with previous professional experience, Comau offers interdepartmental and intersectoral career opportunities. We focus our interest on professionals who have developed technology skills.

Our selection process

During the selection process, we evaluate the most suitable opportunities for our candidates, taking into consideration their skills and ambitions. The first step is represented by an interview aimed at getting to know the candidate better and providing vocational guidance. In case of a positive evaluation, the interview will be followed by a technical briefing with the supervisor of the selected area of expertise. After a candidate is deemed suitable for a certain position, the selection process will continue to include other in-depth meetings as determined by the seniority and the requirements of the position itself.

Experienced candidates

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