Project Management

Building Value for our Customers

Our business is project-driven, and our projects are complex. Firstly, they must deliver complex automated systems; secondly, we work in a global market, so we need to integrate global contributions and global needs (internally in our organization and externally in our Customers’ ​organizations).

Project management is not only an internal need. It means added value for our Customers as well. Success is the objective of our projects and it translates to success for Customers that rely on us to achieve their business strategies.

For us, project management determines more than just the success of the current project; it is a primary factor in helping manage your future growth.

Project Management takes a central role within our organizational strategy.

It is for this reason that Comau has developed integrated models and tools that enable us to work better, smarter and more effectively.

Project Management Office

Our Commitment to Project Success is Rooted in Comau’s Core Values

The only way to manage a project is to make it possible that contributions coming from different parts of the Company are put together and can work together. This is the very objective of our Project Management Office (PMO), which works on processes, tools and methodologies that can strengthen the level of cooperation all around the Company.

Risk Management

Perceiving it as being Everyone’s Responsibility

Comau is fully conscious that Risk forms an integral part of the daily challenge in the Governance of its Business.
Mismanaged or, even worse, un-identified threats can destroy value.
Effective Risk Management creates opportunities and competitive advantages for Comau, and significantly contributes to building the trust of our Customers and Business Partners.

Project Management Academy

Developing people’s effectiveness

The Project Management Academy is the place in which theory and practice meet to support people in their development. For us people represent the core factor for achieving success in projects

We Offer System Solutions

We develop tailored solutions in close collaboration with our Customers and the most professional suppliers on the market. Our project execution succeeds thanks to a continuous feedback loop based on project management exchange systems, strong Corporate Processes and dedicated Project Management Teams. Working together and in tandem, each of which is focused on obtaining and maintaining objectives over time.

In addition, the partnership we build with our Customers during a project does not finish with the end of the project, but it continues long after its launch (after sales services, retooling projects, process production improvement).

We Encourage Project and Program Management Competence

​We believe leadership-focused project management can mean the difference between success and failure, and have created a Project Management Academy (Comau PM Academy) to help managers of all levels hone their leadership skills and culture.

The PM Academy, which has become a true center of excellence within the Stellantis N.V., is a certified REP® – global Registered Education Provider. Officially recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, the world’s largest international professional project management association, it offers PM development courses at various locations around the world.

PMI is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

We Invest in Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification on a Global Level

The chart bars represent the Comau Managers who have PMP® Certification.
PMP is a registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Multicultural Project Management – The New Challenge

​Within Comau, the majority of our projects are multi-country. They are places in which culturally different needs meet and integrating these is a critical success factor. This is why our Project Managers are expected to be multicultural agents able to proactively support the building of intercultural teams and lead intercultural projects. To address this need, we have developed a specific PM Multicultural Program to facilitate the collaboration between teams composed of people of different nationalities.

The practical tools produced have been collected into a toolbox that our project managers use in their projects.

Multicultural Toolbox

​Our toolbox includes three areas that are linked to the main phases of a team’s lifecycle during a project:

  • Building a Project Team – includes tools to support the initiating activities in a project
  • Managing a Project Team – includes tools to support planning, executing, monitoring and controlling activities
  • Learning from a Project Team – includes tools to support the closing activities

These thirteen practical tools, spread across these three areas, form the basis for successful management of a multicultural team.

Building a Project Team

  • Team Resource Audit
  • Team Culture Portrait
  • Project Tree Life
  • Common Purpose
  • Team Ground Rules
  • Communication Profile

Managing a Project Team

  • Aligning Work Practices
  • Project Communication Audit
  • Cultural Diversity and Written Communication
  • Influencing Styles Map
  • Conflict Style Matrix

Learning from a Project Team

  • Review, Reflect, Revise
  • Dissemination Mind Map

Managing Challenges Across Cultures

​The Comau toolbox is now available via a new Comau Academy publication, Managing Challenges Across Cultures – A multicultural project team toolbox. The comprehensive guide delivers a single source for strategic and practical information, which is adaptable according to specific needs, for the management of projects in an international, intercultural context.