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4D-HYBRID Project Session in Castres Plant

On February 27-28, the Castres Powertrain Machining plant hosted the plenary session of the European project "4D-Hybrid". The project, started in January 2017 and involving 20 companies, universities and institutes aims to develop a new concept of hybrid additive manufacturing based on the modular integration of compact, low-cost modules including laser source, deposition head, sensors and control. 4D-Hybrid will deliver 4 disruptive breakthroughs: a set of four elementary modules specifically designed for additive manufacturing that embed the control and monitoring systems, which can be integrated on new or existing concepts of machines and robots to realize different processes ranging from the DED (powder and wire) to ablation and cold spray.

Comau is involved in the project with the integration and test of the 4D-Hybrid modules into robotics cells and into the new-generation of highly flexible machining center.

The project team, made up of about 30 people from UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, USA, South Africa, Turkey and France, really appreciated the visit to the plant and the presentation of new powertrain machining products and prototypes.

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