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Aerospace industry automation and process management

Our experience, strong focus on development and close collaboration with leading worldwide aerospace companies enables us to develop innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of civil and military aviation demands.

We Support You and Your Project

Technical Sales

​Our technical sales associates have a wealth of knowledge as both customer liaisons and technologists. This unique blend of traits merges the Customer’s ultimate goals with our technical expertise into an innovative and affordable solution that is customized for each client’s unique business needs. We strive to build and maintain a multifaceted, long term relationship based on supporting any need with world class performance.

Process Engineering

​Applying our deep knowledge of manufacturing systems, Comau collaborates closely with our Customers to identify the best solutions to reach defined targets. From process validation and plan implementation, to cost estimation and finishing, our job is to jointly identify the most efficient way to help you meet your goals.

Integration Services

​As a vertically integrated organization, we can complete all engineering and manufacturing in-house. From function test services and ratings to tear down and install, buy-off and on-site de-bug and support.

We Excel in Developing Comprehensive Solutions

Starting from value stream mapping, identifying weak and inefficient points, we create the process from the ground up - setting high, yet realistic targets for new lines. We are able to develop the supply chain, make the desired machinery and tools and create a process prototype. With our strong background in process analysis, mechanical and controls engineering, and manufacturing and systems integration, we can define the most adept strategies and find the best solutions for each particular case.

Core Competencies

Precision Automation
  • Riveting
  • Drilling
  • Welding
  • Sealing and adhesive
Factory Optimization and Equipment
  • Improve material flow and floor space utilization
  • Intelligent factory floor information systems Operator safety and ergonomics
  • Fixtures and Tools
Material Handling
  • Automatic transfer solutions
  • Enabling technologies for advanced logistics Automated guided vehicles
  • Pallet transfer and conveyor systems

Aerospace Innovation

Accuflex Gantry Platform


Mobile Accurate Robotic Solutions (MARS)


Robot Gantry Solution


Robotic Multi-Function End Effector