Wearable Robotics

Sensorized version with IoT functionalities

WEARABLE robotic exoskeleton – MATE-XT 4.0 – WITH Real-time ergonomic support AND data Analytics

By combining MATE-XT with advanced sensors for data analytics, the 4.0 version of the exoskeleton unlocks new possibilities for IoT applications. This addition demonstrates the continued growth and expansion of the MATE family

Sensorized version with IoT functionalities

High-tech, lightweight carbon fiber structure
NEW Charging Port
Breathable fabrics
ON/OFF Switch
Information LED
Adjustable belt positioning
Intuitive on/off mechanism for easy activation
Battery LED Status
Ergonomically designed and ajustable vest
Removable soft goods

Availability: MATE-XT4.0 – Right hand side & MATE-XT 4.0 – Left hand side (Large & Small Size)

Advantages and benefits of MATE-XT 4.0

MATE-XT 4.0 brings inherent building blocks based on 4.0 enablers,
electronic components and digital services


Delivering near real-time data with an intuitive digital dashboard

MATE-XT 4.0 integration with Industry 4.0

Fault prevention

*according to local legislations for introduction of Industry 4.0 devices


(ENG) Brochure MATE-XT 4.0 PDF format

(ENG) Quick Reference MATE-XT 4.0 PDF format

(ENG) User Manual MATE-XT 4.0 – PDF format

(ITA) Manuale di istruzioni MATE-XT 4.0 Versione PDF

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Minimize muscle effort during strenuous indoor and outdoor tasks, difficult applications and environments

Reduce lower back fatigue during lifting and repetitive tasks with a device that provides assistance to the back muscles