MATE-XT Exoskeleton

Wearable Robotics

Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton

Take lightweight and highly breathable ergonomic support to the eXTreme

Introducing MATE-XT: Comau’s new ruggedized yet lightweight exoskeleton for indoor and outdoor use.
MATE-XT reduces muscle effort during strenuous indoor and outdoor tasks.

MATE-XT exoskeleton works when, where and how you do

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New shoulder length regulation design
Slim active box design
Breathable fabrics
Intuitive lock/unlock mechanism for easy donning/doffi ng
Ergonomically designed cuffs
High-tech, lightweight carbon fi ber structure
Intuitive labels for regulations and adjustments

Available sizes: Large and Small

Extremely ergonomic, everywhere

MATE will help your daily activities

What was MATE made?

The MATE exoskeleton suit has been designed to improve the quality of life at work by providing consistent, advanced shoulder and arm assistance during repetitive operations and daily tasks.

MATE application cases

Real solutions for real businesses

ROTPUNKT uses the MATE exoskeleton suit for kitchen manufacturing and logistics with the aim of reducing physical strain at the workplace.

By workers for workers

A bottom-up approach with multi-competence collaborators

Designed in partnership with

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(ENG) Brochure MATE-XT PDF format

(ENG) Quick Reference MATE-XT PDF format

(ENG) User Manual MATE-XT PDF format

(ITA) Manuale di istruzioni MATE-XT Versione PDF

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