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Robotic Exoskeleton Suits with Improved Ergonomics

Comau’s new MATE family of wearable robotics seeks to enhance human potential by reducing excessive physical strain during work and simplifying daily activities, providing a tailored and effective exoskeleton solutions.

The MATE exoskeletons generate a steady reduction at the lumbar or shoulder muscle activation during overhead activities and manual handling of weights from the ground, improving ergonomics, posture and reducing muscular strain.

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Mechanically-powered exoskeleton (no batteries, no motors), for relieving the muscular effort at the shoulder district for workers operating with elevated arm(s) by providing physical assistance in repetitive and static tasks.


Combines the MATE-XT shoulder assistance with advanced sensors to enable IoT solutions and benefits. The Wi-Fi-connected sensors deliver near real-time data to an intuitive digital dashboard.


Non-powered exoskeleton for reducing fatigue at the lumbar district for workers engaged in moving weights. It supports the user while working in different static positions or during repetitive lifting of loads.

Levaring wearable robotics with MATE exoskeletons

As a world leader in advanced automation solutions, Comau has always improved manufacturing scenarios through up-to-date and human-centric technologies, capable of enhancing the social and environmental sustainability of workplaces.


The Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeletons are designed to prioritize the well-being of workers, enhance the efficiency of factories, and improve the quality of life at work.

Our innovative exoskeleton suits provide consistent and advanced movement assistance during repetitive and daily tasks. There are distinct solutions that keep muscles at rest and help mitigate ergonomic risks.

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Reduce lower back fatigue during lifting and repetitive tasks with a device that provides assistance to the back muscles

Minimize muscle effort during strenuous indoor and outdoor tasks, difficult applications and environments

Combine lightweight muscular support with digitized operating metrics data