MATE-XB Exoskeleton

Wearable Robotics

Proven lumbar support during lifting and bending

Battery-free wearable robotic exoskeleton

Discover how Comau’s non-powered wearable exoskeleton – MATE-XB – stores human energy in a spring,
helping workers lift heavy objects and move cumbersome loads with less physical effort and

Mechanical Kinematic Chain

Structure that facilitates the free movement of the user.

  • The device allows the user to move the trunk freely
  • The passive kinematic chain is designed to be compact around the human body
  • The passive kinematic chain is designed to deal with the human-exoskeleton kinematic compatibility

Garment Interface

All parts in direct contact with the  user’s body.

  • Breathable and bio-compatible materials
  • Wide contact area to distribute reaction forces without causing high-force points

Torque Generating Box (TGB)

Core mechanism that stores and transforms potential mechanical energy in order to create an adjustable assistive torque.

  • Assistance is proportional to the torque generated by the upper part of the body gentle assistance up to 25 kg
  • Possibility of tuning the amount of support over 5 levels
  • No hindrance while walking

Better ergonomic performance

Easy to wear and quickly adjustable to fit virtually any body frame, the MATE-XB exoskeleton suit is specifically designed to improve ergonomics during lifting and repetitive tasks.

It does so without using motors or batteries by providing passive assistance to the lower back and supporting the user when bending with the legs (squatting), bending forward, or during the repetitive lifting of loads.

Better safety

Able to support workers handling loads of up to 25kg, the fully passive exoskeleton helps ensure better safety and well-being for operators.

Fully validated

MATE-XB was developed in collaboration with Esselunga, a large retail organization and early adopter who helped validate and test the exoskeleton.

Lightweight structure

Its lightweight carbon fiber structure is easy to wear and quickly adjustable to fit virtually any body frame.


The assistance provided by the MATE-XB exoskeleton mimics the effect of the trunk flexion on the lower back.


Thanks to a chain of passive degrees of freedom, the exoskeleton allows the whole user’s freedom of movement.

MATE-XB fit your body, gives you the freedom to move

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Breathable fabrics
Adjustable belt positioning
Intuitive on/off mechanism for easy activation
Intuitive labels for regulations and adjustments
High-tech, lightweight carbon-fiber structure
Ergonomically designed and ajustable vest
Removable soft goods

MATE-XB works when, where and how you do

Extremely ergonomic, everywhere

Full mobility of
the entire body
Easy selectable assistance
Lightweight and
robust structure
Quick on/off
activation switch
Fast donning
and doffing
High personalization/ fitting
Intuitive and easy-to-use adjustments



(ENG) Brochure MATE-XB PDF format

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(ITA) Manuale di istruzioni MATE-XB Versione PDF

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