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Explore our collection of customer success stories and be inspired by advanced, tailor-made, and IoT-enabled technologies specifically designed to enhance any manufacturing process. Our success stories consolidates the effectiveness of our solutions, exceeding our clients’ unique needs.

From precision engineering to streamlined production workflows, each story unfolds the narrative of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and remarkable growth. Explore possibilities and let our success stories be the guide for your automation challenges.

Comau designs and deploys dedicated hybrid transmission assembly lines for Hycet

Given the rapid advancements in hybrid technology and the global emphasis on new energy policies, automakers are actively exploring new possibilities for fuel-efficient and low-emission hybrid vehicles. DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) technology is an important enabler for this growing market as vehicles equipped with DHT are not affected by charging duration, thus ensuring a more […]

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Comau’s highly flexible automation solution powers the efficient production of NIO’s next-generation electric drive systems

Fast and reliable co-line production for NIO’s third-generation induction and permanent magnet motors In the first half of 2023, the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles in China increased significantly. So did the demand for electric drive systems given they are one of the core components of new energy vehicles. Amid these important […]

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Comau enables flexible production with an innovative body welding solution for Hycan

As consumers escalate their requirements for high-quality vehicles, market demand is becoming increasingly more diverse and personalized. As a result, automotive manufacturing has gradually evolved from mass production to multi-variant and low-volume assembly. To meet this challenge, automakers are focusing on production methods that adapt to this market trend by shortening the model change cycle […]

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Logistics automation to standardise food production and distribution

Comau’s innovative robotics solution automates warehouse logistics to improve efficiency and management for a central kitchen project The central kitchen business model, which originated in the foodservice industry, centralizes the finishing of prepared or semi-prepared foods, and may also include direct distribution to foodservice operations. This production model provides foodservice with the benefits of industrialized […]

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Comau delivers a highly flexible assembly line to Dongfeng Nissan for ITS variable compression ratio engine

Nowadays, “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality” have become global objectives, with China clearly stating its aim to “achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”. Driven by this long-term goal, major automakers are focused on achieving energy conservation and emission reduction as early as possible, in addition to the development and research of […]

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Fiat Manufacturing Line in Brazil

Comau’s advanced automation technology helps drive production for the Fiat Pulse and Fiat Fastback SUVs

Developing advanced technologies and manufacturing processes With a successful track record in developing advanced technologies and manufacturing processes for the automotive sector, Comau Brazil has played a key role in the development of both the new Fiat Pulse, the brand’s first SUV model in Brazil and the Fiat Fastback, the brand’s first SUV Coupe and […]

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Integrating innovative wearable robotics solutions for improving logistics workers’ job ergonomics and quality

The industry of logistics and movement of goods is among those where workers are more exposed to high ergonomic hazards. What does it mean? It means that the tasks performed on a daily basis by operators to do their job, such as loading/unloading goods and lifting weights, can prevent them from keeping a proper and […]

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John Deere deploys Comau’s wearable robotics in Brazil to ensure ergonomic well-being during manual operations

Founded in 1837, John Deere is a global technology company that primarily provides software and equipment for the agriculture, construction, and forestry industries. With an impressive customer base that spans the globe, the company’s reputation has been built upon innovative, superior-quality products that reflect its 186-year tradition of integrity. This same pioneering spirit led managers […]

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Real-time verification of e-power efficiency for  high-performance sportscar batteries

When one of Italy’s most exclusive automakers decided to create an electric version of its premium sportscar, the engineering team knew it would need a high-performance electric battery capable of matching the power, speed and performance of its traditional counterpart. They turned to a Tier One technology provider to design and deploy the battery manufacturing […]

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Designing a transformation strategy for Alfa Romeo’s new hybrid SUV

Maximizing the use of existing equipment while increasing flexibility to incorporate the new SUV To produce the new Alfa Romeo Tonale, a first-of-its-kind hybrid SUV, the Italian luxury automaker asked Comau to design and deploy a state-of-the-art Body-In-White (BIW) manufacturing solution. Included in the request, however, was the need to do so utilizing an existing […]

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Expanding end-to-end assembly flexibility for the Jeep Commander SUV

When Jeep was preparing the factory for production of its new SUV, in one of the most modern automotive manufacturing plants in the state of Pernambuco, the conditions were clear and direct. Comau would be responsible for expanding the bodywork assembly systems to enable the car maker to produce their new 7 seat SUV Jeep […]

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Comau deploys ai-driven collaborative robotics to automate “hands-on” quality control at Fiat

The performance of an infotainment and instrument cluster is often driven by the quality of its design and the efficiency of its human machine interface. When Stellantis Group asked Comau to develop advanced industrial processes to build the automaker’s first full electric vehicle, ensuring top performance of the car’s infotainment system was part of the […]

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Industrial automation for top-of-the-line cosmetics

Have you ever wondered if a high-speed industrial robot could clean and manipulate high-end cosmetic bottles without leaving a single mark? This was the challenge Cosmint faced in response to an increased production demand by one of the premium cosmetic and skincare brands they serve. Working with some of the world’s biggest names in cosmetics, […]

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Comau’s advanced body welding solutions support Mercedes-Benz’s first localized high-end heavy-duty truck production for the Actros

The rapid improvement of emission standards and the accelerating growth rate of new infrastructure investments, among other things, are helping drive the sales volume of trucks in China, one of the world’s largest markets for heavy-duty trucks. Given the increasingly concentrated domestic logistics industry, the proportion of large fleets and logistics enterprises is rising. As […]

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Comau’s electric drive assembly line doubles Geely Vremt’s automation rate

The growing global demand for low emission vehicles is driving Geely Automobile Holdings to adopt increasingly innovative production strategies tailored to the specific needs of electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturing. To meet this objective, the Geely Group needed to ramp-up production of its high-quality electric drive components. It turned to Comau for help, asking the […]

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Leveraging advanced robotics to automatically identify and measure non-conformities during the final assembly process

When it comes to final assembly, the problem of nonconforming gaps and flush alignments can result in production slowdowns as well as higher rework costs. To address this issue, Comau has developed a fully automated gap and flush verification system that uses advanced robotics and an intelligent vision system to measure potential defects on multiple, […]

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Comau boosts the e-battery production line for Leclanché

By automating complex manual operations in Leclanché’s manufacturing lThe future of the transport sector is now. Comau has automated some complex manual operations in the manufacturing line of Leclanché’s lithium-ion battery modules dedicated to innovative e-transport solutions. This enabled the company to reduce its operating costs by up to 20% and increase its capacity to achieve a final production of over 60,000 modules per year.

How Comau optimized the Piaggio Vespa welding processes

Comau Welding Machine and The creation of iconic products always requires perfect manufacturing processes, as it is the case for the famous Piaggio Vespa. Find out how Comau has integrated innovative arc welding and spot-welding solutions into Vespa’s body production line to ensure high quality products, a perfect finish and flawless aesthetics.

Comau automation for the Jeep Renegade production line at the Stellantis plant in Melfi

Comau has always led the field in the development of automation systems that make automotive manufacturing faster, more streamlined and more efficient. Discover how Comau technology has optimised the Jeep Renegade assembly and joining line at the Stellantis plant in Melfi

Comau integrated Maserati’s first SUV manufacturing line

The automotive industry has always been part of Comau’s DNA along its innovative automation. Discover how we have designed and developed an innovative automated manufacturing process to assemble, weld and finish front and rear aluminium doors for Maserati’s first SUV manufacturing line.