Digital initiatives

Digital Manufacturing

Leveraging the power of digital manufacturing

As the world of manufacturing evolves to better respond to customer needs and market challenges, Comau leading the way. Our approach to networking humans, processes, equipment and systems is driving the creation of value-networks able to gather, analyze and utilize interconnected intelligence to become flexible, fast and pro-active. Backed by 50 years of industrial automation experience and an intimate knowledge of manufacturing processes, our digital framework is designed for new or existing plants and all brands of installed equipment.

The reconfiguration challenge

One of the biggest challenges of customized production is increasing the scalability and convertibility of different manufacturing processes. This means greater integration and interaction across manufacturing lines and equipment, and necessitates improved diagnostics that can predict and preempt faults and quality discrepancies. To meet these challenges, we are developing enabling products, solutions and services that exploit digitalization and analytics to provide 360° visibility over the entire operations.

The interconnected factory

We are enabling the evolution towards more efficient, quality driven production through targeted sensorization, advanced analytics and the implementation of virtual environments that simulate line modifications and batch manufacturing parameters.

Digitalization enables real-time communication between operators and the manufacturing system. It also delivers the enhanced intelligence to streamline processes and optimize the value chain. As a result, digitalization can help you experience higher productivity, faster time-to-market, lower operating costs and prevent on the risk of operational delays. What’s more, digitalization can be applied to a single machine, line or an entire factory.

Discover the benefit of digitalization

Our strategic approach

  • Identify target needs, key strategic objectives and measurable KPIs
  • Deploy data collection and create analytics and business models in order to optimize performance and costs
  • Share real-time intelligence via digital tools and wearable technologies
  • Incremental application of digital solutions on existing lines and entire plants
  • IoT ready implementation on new installations

Tangible results

  • Real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Improve MTBF (meantime between failures)
  • Reduce inventory and preventive maintenance costs
  • Streamline production, augmented production rates, enhanced quality

Research and innovation Projects

We work actively as part of an international network, consisting of companies, institutions and universities, for the implementation of innovative projects capable of responding to the needs of a continuously evolving industrial system.


Here at Comau, innovation is a state of mind and a driver of excellence. It’s the area where we are considered significantly better than the competition. It’s what challenges us to reach new heights and is why we dedicate significant financial and human resources to R&D that allows us to remain on the cutting edge of innovation in the field of industrial production.


Our innovative networking platform combines digital and physical worlds through sensorization, data analysis and real-time monitoring of equipment, systems and production line.