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Comau to showcase its new and powerful turnkey e-mobility solutions at the Battery Show 2024

18 June 2024

Stuttgart, June 18-20 – Comau, a global technology company and pioneer in advanced battery production technologies, will attend The Battery Show Europe conference, being held at Germany’s Messe Stuttgart from 18-20 June (booth number 9-F50).

Billed as Europe’s largest event for the battery and EV tech communities, Comau will leverage the platform to show its latest proprietary technologies, products and solutions designed to support customers at all stages of the electrification process – from lab-based prototypes to giga-scale production of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers

In addition, the company offers highly efficient systems for e-drives, hybrid transmissions, components and complete assembly lines.

Visitors will see how Comau is among the first European players to locally source key aspects of the battery manufacturing mix.

And because its comprehensive electrification solutions are backed by process expertise and intelligent digital enablers,  Comau can contribute to every stage of a battery project: from the initial design and integration to optimization strategies and the delivery of flexible and scalable turnkey production systems.

The company is also heavily involved – both in terms of R&D and pilot projects – in new-generation technologies, new cell formats, end-of-life dismantling solutions and more.

Finally, Comau will show its cleanroom classified, high-speed industrial robot which has been  designed for sensitive battery cell and microelectronics assembly environments.

Come see how Comau is applying its 50+ years of experience in automotive – one of the most complex realities in terms of processes, cycle times, flexibility requirements and the highest technology rates – to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and prioritize safety and sustainability across the entire electrification value chain.

Stay tuned and we look forward to meeting you at Booth 9-F50 in Stuttgart!

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