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Press Shop Automation

Press Shop Proven Products

Putting our automation experience to work for you.


The high productivity of Comau lines is guaranteed thanks to dedicated SMART PressBooster robots. These robots, which are designed and manufactured specifically for installation within press shops, feature special engines and equipment able to guarantee:

  • Production rates up to 16 parts/minute ( according to press speed, parts dimentions and press distance)
  • Payloads up to 140 kg with torque at wrist of up to 125 kgm
  • Reach up to 3,700 mm to handle wide distances between the presses
  • Light but strong kinematic structure, high robot stiffness with 99.9% reliability
  • 600V motors controlled by digital drivers
  • Wide range of accessories (vacuum pumps, robot dressing, FlexiFeeder, etc.)


Comau’s FlexiFeeder transfers the robot flange directly above the part to be moved, for a quick and stable transfer without rotation even of large components. Greater flexibility is obtained thanks to an auxiliary axis, which allows the robot movements to be optimized, speeding up the transfer of the part from one press to another; in addition, in brand new plants it allows a more compact design with a further shortening of the cycle-time.

Belt Conveyors

The belt conveyors are available in special features for destacking stations (magnetic + vacuum system) or special multi-lane conveyors for automatic racking station with auto- adjustment to parts dimension.

Automatic Tool Changer

With Comau’s automatic tool changer, human intervention in tool change operations is eliminated, thereby reducing the cycle time at every die change phase – according to the lay-out, end effector type and presses type.

End Effector

Innovative solutions to meet the Customer’s parameters or preferred standards:

  • Carbon fiber booms for high performance lines
  • Aluminum forearms
  • Aluminum end effectors with vacuum or magnetic cups, with easy tuning and reliable positioning
  • Robot flanges with quick manual or automatic tool changeSpecial end effectors for destacker robot and for hot-forming applications