educational robot and innovative didactic tools


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Latest versions of e.DO Controller and UI APPs

e.DO™ is a new way of
learning and teaching

STEM subjects, robotics and coding, derived from the combination of an educational robot and innovative didactic tools.

Discover your e.DO™

With integrated open-source intelligence, developed for the world of education and training. It typifies the advanced, easy-to-use engineering that distinguishes all Comau industrial robots

​This device has been developed by Comau for programming and use in simulated environments and in distance learning activities.

Learn and teach with e.DO™

e.DO Experiences – learning activities completed with the support of e.DO – help students master easily and effectively both scholastic and extracurricular subjects, including maths, science, engineering and technology, and, of course, robotics and coding.

Thanks to the use of tools specially designed to facilitate learning, e.DO helps children, young people and adults of all ages to acquire new skills in a fascinating, intuitive and interactive way.

e.DO satisfies the educational needs of very different users, from students and teachers in primary and secondary schools and colleges to universities, training companies and foundations. And this is just a small part of what e.DO can do.

Want to try using e.DO for education and training?

Discover the educational possibilities that e.DO offers you thanks to innovative and engaging tools designed for students, teachers and families.

Discover our Educational Products

Tools, educational programs and laboratories integrated with the e.DO Experience, to guide and accompany both teachers and students in the learning paths with e.DO Robot and e.DO Cube.

Activity Cards

Didactic material to assist students and teachers during educational experiences conducted with the e.DO robot and e.DO Cube


Interactive learning paths, developed by Comau to guide teachers and students in every phase of the learning path with
e.DO robot and e.DO Cube

Training Packages

complete, turn-key teaching projects, designed for presentation in conjunction with an e.DO robot and e.DO Cube