Collaborative Robotics

Industrial Collaborative Robots: Collaborative Robots

The fourth industrial revolution has redefined the relationship between man and machine in the modern factory.

In Comau’s Smart Factory, operators and robots can work in close contact and in complete safety thanks to collaborative robotics. Cobots are assigned all the heaviest and most repetitive operations, leaving human operators free to carry out more specialist and less fatiguing tasks and to work directly with the robots to perform tasks more effectively.

The ability to have man and robot work in close proximity and in complete synergy has eliminated the need for access barriers. This in turn has made robotic islands more open and ergonomic, allowing work spaces to be redesigned in an intelligent and flexible way. Comau’s collaborative robotics not only improves productivity and operational safety, but helps companies optimise their factory layouts, cutting structural and logistic costs in the process.

Thanks to consolidated know-how and over 45 years of experience in the automation of various areas of industry, Comau has long been committed to developing innovative and advanced technology to make industrial operations simpler, more streamlined and more efficient.

Following the HUMANufacturing approach to Industry 4.0, Comau supports clients in the development of smart and flexible collaborative and IIoT technologies capable of responding to all production requirements.

Racer-5-0.80 Cobot

The RACER-5-0.80 COBOT (Racer 5-COBOT) is a small robot that fulfils the need for a high speed, precision cobot capable of working in tight spaces and switching automatically between collaborative mode and full industrial speed on the basis of whether an operator is present or not.

AURA Collaborative Robot

AURA is the only collaborative robot on the market today that is able to lift up to 170 kilograms. Thanks to sensors that give it “quasi-human” situational awareness, it can operate in complete safety in close proximity to operators without requiring barriers.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

The Agile 1500 fully automated mobile robot is one of a range of AGVs produced by Comau. Thanks to a payload of up to 1.5 tons, the Agile 1500 can optimise all kinds of logistic flows and respond to various production needs even in different factory layouts and multiple applications.