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Power Systems products

Automated assembly made easy

​When it comes to meeting traditional engine and E-Driveline assembly needs, Comau offers a wide variety of options for maximizing your production flow. Our powerful assembly modules for engines, batteries, transmissions and components, enable organizations of any size to deploy cost-effective lean manufacturing solutions that can complete the entire assembly process in less than a minute. They can also be easily reconfigured to assemble a different part or type of transmission in just a few days, giving you high flexibility while helping you stay competitive in an evolving market.

Assembly centers

​From manual, semi-automated to fully automated assembly systems, you can trust Comau to make precision and accuracy a daily guarantee.

Added value

  • Serial and parallel process integration
  • Modular scalability to align capital investment to market demand
  • Fast reconfiguration and retooling
  • Compact footprint
  • Lean manufacturing design with optimized material logistics
  • IoT Enabled (e-connected, e-documentation, predictive maintenance, virtual commissioning, virtual machining) 


  • Energy saving modes management
  • Reduced fluids consumption
  • Latest generation components with low energy consumption
  • Compact footprint