AURA Collaborative Robot

Comau Aura Automation | Collaborative Robot

Safe and Sensitive

When it comes to sensitivity levels, AURA is almost human.

With six safety levels and a modular approach, AURA supports humans as they perform manual operations in completely safety and proximity without the need for barriers or fences. AURA is flexible enough to be compliant with all types of collaborative operations and can be used in a collaborative or a non-collaborative high-speed mode as needed. Easily programmed through an intuitive interface or manually guided by the operator, AURA is fitted with powerful proximity sensors that detect and respond to the advance of operators and avoid collisions. 

Key Features

  • High payload and reach (170kg, 2.8m reach)
  • Powerful collision avoidance system
  • High speed collaborative mode 
  • Ability to switch from collaborative/non-collaborative mode
  • Possibility to mount the robot upside down

Key Benefits

  • Highest payload and reach collaborative robot on the market 
  • High-speed mode is dynamically managed, when collaboration mode is not required
  • Collision avoidance solution is applied to both robot and tools
  • Fully collaborative Hollow Wrist robot 
  • Highly efficient even during heavy payload collaborative applications