Design of Assembly Systems and Manufacturing Solutions

We strive to increase the flexibility and performance of modern manufacturing processes with powerful solutions that can evolve in response to developing market needs.

By creating systems that provide crucial results in terms of productivity, quality, logistics and global integration, we continue to drive innovation.

We share the same goals of automakers and other industries:

  • Increase competitiveness
  • Improve production processes, making them more efficient
  • Increase productivity and flexibility maintaining safety and quality standards

Our culture of applying automation to optimize and transform engineering and production processes is what sets us apart. Whether we upgrade your existing facilities, or create new ones, we lead​​​ your business into the future.​

Innovations in Body Assembly

Backed by unparalleled market expertise and a truly global technology network, Comau is continuously developing, testing and deploying leading-edge manufacturing and assembly solutions that address the dynamic changes happening in the market. From flexible high-speed vehicle manufacturing, including multi-material, to the use of simulation techniques that shorten overall program timeframes, you can count on Comau innovation to increase both productivity and quality.

Our Solutions Meet Customer Needs

Advanced tailor-made solutions are the tools that contribute to a client’s success and crucial factors in the design, engineering and launch of new vehicle lines. This is why we work closely with each of our Customers to develop innovative solutions that meet specific production needs and are supported by a truly global technology network. From project planning to operator training and launch, this level of integration enables us to simplify production processes while increasing productivity and quality.

Powerful Assembly and Transport Systems

When it comes to intelligent automation, the performance of your lines is largely affected by the efficiency of their underlying transfer architecture. To ensure safety and flexibility as parts move between stations, Comau’s pallet conveyor, in-line fast transfer, and closed loop assembly systems are designed to combine high precision with performance and configurability. What’s more, the quick and smooth transfer helps reduce non value added time within your main and subassembly processes.

Our Solutions


Developed to streamline high-speed automotive manufacturing, including multi-material vehicles, this production-proven, flexible manufacturing strategy fully responds to the primary market drivers required by today’s car manufacturers: operational flexibility, minimum facility requirements, high volumes and multiple models, along with the possibility of using advanced material joining technologies.

Open RoboGate

Modular, flexible and expandable, the Open RoboGate framing system can handle up to 6 dedicated framing gates and 18 robots for high flexibility, high-speed, high-density operations. Thanks to the use of overhead-mounted inverted robots, it can reduce the overall footprint of the production system while enabling a higher number of joints within the station to guarantee a greater level of geometrical stability and accuracy.


This high-performance in-line transfer system may just be the automotive industry’s fastest system for moving a geo-pallet through and across the lines. Typically applied from underbody marriage up to body complete, using a fully mechanical geo-pallet that moves the parts down the lines, it can safely speed components through the production process in mere seconds.


Greater speed, precision and flexibility with capability of changing up to 4 tools within cycle time. Typically used to set the geometry of underbody and body sides, VersaRoll is a closed loop transfer system with integrated logistics capability enabling a streamlined manufacturing process with a single point part feeding.