Combine flexibility, repeatability and accuracy with the S-Family robots


• S-Family robots are expressly designed for arc welding, e-Mobility, Food&Beverage and handling applications where accuracy, repeatability and speed are non-negotiable

• They combine flexibility, repeatability and accuracy with smaller footprints and multiple mounting positions to increase robot density without sacrificing performance

• With an element-resistant hollow wrist design and fully integrated arc and gigabit dressings, the compact red robots grant improved access to small spaces

• The easy-to-use, easy-to-install and energy-efficient design combines better performance with reduced energy consumption and costs

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Chicago (Illinois) – May 7, 2024

Comau debuts its new S-Family of small yet powerful robots at Automate 2024, North America’s leading automation show. The first two high-speed robots, with payloads of 13 kg and up to 18 kg, are expressly indicated for assembly, arc welding and handling applications where accuracy, repeatability and speed are non-negotiable.

Characterized by their exacting performance and historical red robot design, they also reflect Comau’s dedication to making automation more accessible to diverse and non-automotive industries. The compact, robust and versatile robots can easily access small spaces and tight areas that are difficult to reach with other robots.

And because they are highly energy efficient, as certified in accordance with Fraunhofer procedure instruction, the S-Family of 6-axis articulated robots help companies achieve higher production quality and better performance with reduced energy consumption and costs.

S-Family robots are perfect for applications requiring extreme accuracy and speed while ensuring full protection from elements including water, dust and other contaminants. With their best-in-class protective IP68 hollow-wrist design, the electrical and auxiliary cabling runs inside the wrist which allows the robots to enjoy greater agility while minimizing the risk of damage.

Furthermore, they are the only robots to feature fully integrated arc and gigabit dressings, which help remove layout constraints, make assembly and installation easy, ensure faster response times and significantly reduce cable kinking, breakage and subsequent maintenance costs.

So, in addition to automating welding, handling, foundry, automotive, and battery manufacturing processes, the S-Family can be easily used for food & beverage and general assembly applications. Finally, the robots can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling to optimize space without sacrificing performance.

S-Family robots have been tested and certified for energy efficiency in accordance with Fraunhofer procedures, and are available in two different payload configurations (13 and 18 kg) with a 1700 mm reach and a repeatability of ±0,03mm.

“Comau’s new S-Family of small, high-speed robots combines efficiency and technical excellence with the features and functionality required for effective deployment within new markets and dedicated application areas,” explains Nicole Clement, Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions. “Our commitment to making automation easier to install and use, especially within non-Automotive markets where automation is growing fast, is yet another way Comau is bringing the power of automation to an increasingly diverse sector of industries and applications.”

Nicole Clement, Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions.

About Comau

Comau, a member of Stellantis, is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems. Its portfolio includes technology and systems for electric, hybrid and traditional vehicle manufacturing, industrial robots, collaborative and wearable robotics, autonomous logistics, dedicated machining centers and interconnected digital services and products able to transmit, elaborate and analyze machine and process data.

With 50 years of experience and a strong presence within every major industrial country, Comau is helping manufacturers of all sizes in almost any industry experience higher quality, increased productivity, faster time-to-market and lower overall costs. The company’s offering also extends to project management and consultancy, as well as maintenance and training for a wide range of industrial segments.

Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Comau has an international network of 5 innovation centers, 5 digital hubs, 12 manufacturing plants that span 13 countries and employ 3,700 people. A global network of distributors and partners allows the company to respond quickly to the needs of customers, no matter where they are located throughout the world.

Through the training activities organized by its Academy, Comau is also committed to developing the technical and managerial knowledge necessary for companies to face the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0.

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