The new dimension of robotics for sensitive environments, developed by Comau

Advanced automation enables manufacturing companies to increase the performance of applications in sensitive environments.

Comau hosted an open house event for customers and partners at its headquarters in Grugliasco (Turin) to showcase the potential of innovative robotic solutions designed for special, high-complexity manufacturing contexts, such as those characterizing the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. 

During the event Comau illustrated numerous integration possibilities of its Racer-5 SENSITIVE ENVIRONMENTS, a high-speed robot designed to operate in clean rooms and sensitive environments, providing companies with great production efficiency, reduced cycle times and high precision.
Featuring a special coating that protects it from aggressive chemicals, Racer-5 SE in fact meets the IP67 certification requirements and the ISO 5 high-level cleanroom classification  (ISO 14644-1). It is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, as it complies with MOCA (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) certification.

A guest speaker from our partner Rockwell Automation also explained the benefits offered by the newly launched platform for the unified control of robots, developed in collaboration with Comau, to simplify and speed up automation programming, optimizing production processes. 

With a focus on new trends in intelligent automation Comau has introduced some of its most innovative technologies designed to make factory 4.0 operations easier and more profitable, even in sensitive production environments. These include mobile robotic systems to improve logistics, wearable robotic devices, such as the MATE-XT exoskeleton, to support humans in performing repetitive and strenuous tasks, indoors and outdoors, and MI.RA/Depalletizer, a solution part of the MI.RA (Machine Inspection Recognition Archetypes) family, which uses 3D cameras and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately and quickly pick and depalletize boxes and containers, thus reducing work times and costs.

The event, attended by companies operating in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, in Italy and abroad, concluded with a visit to the Comau showroom, for a direct test of the technologies presented during the day.