Comau features smart manufacturing products and technologies at Feimec 2022 in Brazil.

São Paulo, May 3, 2022 – Comau takes advanced automation solutions to FEIMEC 2022, in booth G-070. The major Machine-Tool and Industrial Automation event in Brazil will go on until May 7, at Sao Paulo Expo.

Comau presents cutting-edge products and technologies to meet the most demanding challenges of the Smart factories in diverse industry fields. There are specific and customizable applications, from robotized operations such as pick & place, assembly, welding, palletizing and line-feeding to ergonomics and machine safety. 

The showcase at FEIMEC 2022 includes Comau’s newest collaborative robot that can automatically switch from industrial robot speed to collaborative speed when a human operator enters its working area – Racer-5 COBOT – equipped with Schunk Co-Act gripper, Rebel-S Scara that efficiently runs pick & place, and machine tending capabilities, and Smart PAL-180 specifically designed for robust palletizing and handling operations. Comau has a wide range of robots with 3 to 650 kg payload, and ensures high repeatability and accuracy.

The welding expertise will be represented by Comau Smart Arc-4 robot, which can be applied to standard and modular welding cells and equipped with a Fronius Welding kit; Comau proprietary Orbital single lathe positioner – PTS-ORB – that can be directly managed by the control unit to maximize robot applicability; the Compact Welding Gun, one of the most efficient pieces of equipment available in the market for spot welding application. Besides, the NJ60 robot is equipped with vision technology, able to simulate end-of-line inspections which ensures production quality effectiveness.

MATE-XT, Comau’s innovative wearable and breathable technology will also be on display  at FEIMEC. The exoskeleton suit is designed to improve the quality of life at work by providing consistent, advanced shoulder and arm assistance while reducing operators’ muscle effort during repetitive operations and daily indoor and outdoor tasks.

Taking part at FEIMEC is one way to reinforce Comau’s unique position to Brazilian Industries and broader Latin American companies as a technology-driven company focused on advanced industrial automation solutions, open to work closely with customers and partners on the current challenges of smart factories and leverage our competencies in engineering, advanced robotics, and complex systems integration,” said Laerte Scarpitta, Comau Cluster Leader for the Americas. “With factory-proven experience across multiple sectors, Comau has developed easy-to-use, collaborative, wearable and smart technologies as well as digital initiatives and process methodologies.”

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