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Your single provider for electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturing

​When it comes to electric and hybrid vehicle production, you can trust Comau from start to finish. We have the tools and expertise to cover the entire electrification assembly and power system world, helping both established OEMs and new players with their E-Vehicle manufacturing needs. Our unique competences and know-how derive from real experience on dozens of projects executed at a global level.

Tailored solutions

​Backed by over 45 years of automotive and automation experience, we provide tailored solutions for different production paths ranging from pilot lines to mass production systems. We can even help you move from traditional to E-Vehicle manufacturing by changing and retooling the existing lines. We support you during the entire project life cycle – from product industrialization and prototyping to production support through engineering, manufacturing and commissioning.

Flexible systems

We leverage a vast portfolio of products and technologies to deliver standard based, scalable and modular manufacturing systems. This allows us to cover a wide range of production volumes, while cost-effectively meeting the specific and variable demands of the market in a highly-competitive timeframe.

  • Modular and scalable lean assembly and machining systems
  • Process technologies
  • Standard Comau products
  • Digital solutions and Industry 4.0 architectures
  • Integrated logistics solutions

Fully-integrated offering

Battery assembly

Our field-proven assembly systems for battery packs and modules are designed to help you quickly move from process and prototype validation to full industrialization.

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E-Drive and transmission assembly

We deliver powerful assembly systems for the entire driveline. From the assembly of rotors and stators to complete E-Motors and E-Transmissions.

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Body assembly

We provide precise and scalable systems for E-Vehicle body assembly.

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Prismatic components machining

We support your battery and E-Drive machining with field-proven machining solutions that ensure dynamic precision, high productivity and long-term accuracy.

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Flexible production plant paradigm

​Our ability to partner with customers to evaluate proposed solutions, exchange experiences and optimize capital investments is one of the many ways Comau expertise is helping drive the Electrification market. We've recently designed an integrated micro-factory for the automated production of electric urban vehicles. Not only was the entire plant co-developed with the final customer, the partnership extends from concept product design to the vehicle production launch. What's more, the innovative production paradigm features a modular scalability potential that ranges from manual to fully-automated solutions, each of which can be easily re-configured as needed.  

Combining processes, products, digitalization, Industry 4.0 readiness and over four decades of automotive experience, Comau is ready to help you face the new era of electric mobility.