Ready to work: One day Work experience

One Day. Full-Emersion. The Comau Way.

​Our commitment to helping young talents prepare for the opportunities offered within today’s rapidly changing global market extends to full day, on-site programs for high school and university students designed to discover skills and motivate potential.

Ready to work

In collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino, Comau Academy encourages small groups of engineering students to immerse themselves within a real-world industrial context for a full day of soft-skills training.

Through group projects, contests and personal challenges, young engineers experience first-hand the importance of team work and organizational styles in the creation of excellence. Tapping skills that are not easily taught in the classroom, this unique project encourages students to bring out the best in themselves and includes tangible feedback and assessment by the professional facilitators.

One day company experience

Come spend the day with us to find out how innovation is created within a multinational enterprise like Comau. Our One-Day Company Experience puts young students in contact with a real-life working environment to help them understand the evolving nature of digital transformation.

Through a combination of classroom training and hands-on simulation, students first learn the working methods of a global organization and then get to manage a real production process. At the end of the day, Comau professionals provide detailed feedback on the projects, including their strengths and opportunities for improvement. It’s a great way to see concrete transformation and innovation processes and underscores the value of creating strategic links between training institutions and the business world.