Project Management

Building Value for our Customers

Our business is project-driven, and our projects are complex. Firstly, they must deliver complex automated systems; secondly, we work in a global market, so we need to integrate global contributions and global needs (internally in our organization and externally in our Customers’ ​organizations).

Project management is not only an internal need. It means added value for our Customers as well. Success is the objective of our projects and it translates to success for Customers that rely on us to achieve their business strategies.

For us, project management determines more than just the success of the current project; it is a primary factor in helping manage your future growth.

Project Management takes a central role within our organizational strategy.

It is for this reason that Comau has developed integrated models and tools that enable us to work better, smarter and more effectively.

Project Management Academy

Developing people’s effectiveness

The Project Management Academy is the place in which theory and practice meet to support people in their development. For us people represent the core factor for achieving success in projects

Project Management Office

Our Commitment to Project Success is Rooted in Comau’s Core Values

The only way to manage a project is to make it possible that contributions coming from different parts of the Company are put together and can work together. This is the very objective of our Project Management Office (PMO), which works on processes, tools and methodologies that can strengthen the level of cooperation all around the Company

Risk Management

Perceiving it as being Everyone’s Responsibility

Comau is fully conscious that Risk forms an integral part of the daily challenge in the Governance of its Business.
Mismanaged or, even worse, un-identified threats can destroy value.
Effective Risk Management creates opportunities and competitive advantages for Comau, and significantly contributes to building the trust of our Customers and Business Partners