Turnkey systems

Turnkey Machining Solutions and Logistics Automation

A comprehensive approach to system Integration

​​No matter how complex your machining needs, our results-oriented methodology and systems expertise can help get you up and running fast.  We have the competence to develop any machining process and can assure productivity, flexibility and long-term quality with a wide range of modular products that span the entire production chain. In particular, we offer a complete range of assembly and test equipment within the machining process to deliver increased machining & assembly process consistency across the lifetime of your equipment.

Global Experience

Integrated Systems and Turn-key Solutions

Local Support

Modular Services Adapted to Your Business

Our expertise

  • Process Engineering;
  • Machining Modules, Ancillaries
  • System Architecture
  • Automation
  • Workflow Logistics and Simulation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Your needs

  • ​​Quality Achievement
  • Reduced Life Cycle Cost
  • Flexibility

Your benefits

  • ​​Easier Interface Management
  • Guaranteed Process Quality
  • High System Efficiency

Ancillaries equipment

We ensure productivity, long-term quality and continued reliability with a range of ancillaries including   assembly and test equipment within the machining process. We also perform activities ranging from marking and final inspection to handling/logistics and integrate outsourced operations to offer complete turn-key systems including honing, washing and measuring. In other words, we deliver integrated solutions that fully accommodate your diverse manufacturing needs – today and tomorrow.


  • To manage the whole process through one unique supplier
  • To reduce project management costs (single commissioning site, logistics of trial parts)
  • To improve machining & assembly process consistency


  • A complete range of assembly and tests solutions 
  • Robotics solutions for high flexibility
  • Suitable for any kind of process, from manual to automatic

Value Proposition

  • One supplier for both machining and assembly process
  • Reduced logistics of trial parts
  • Process quality 
  • High level of flexibility and re-usability

List of ancillaries made by Comau

  • Guide & Seat Assembly Station
  • Leak test (intermediate and final)
  • Steel balls / plugs / Dowels Assembly station
  • Caps / bedplate / Ladder frame assembly
  • Marking station
  • Final inspection



  • To manage the entire process through one unique supplier
  • To facilitate interfaces
  • To suit to your production level requirement
  • The logistics of production line is the backbone of the system


  • A range of solutions for your production line
  • Robot supply and integration
  • Engineering and supply of specific gripper and floor automation
  • Virtual commissioning

Value Proposition

  • One turnkey supplier mastering the logistics and the interfaces
  • Enhanced OEE
  • High level of flexibility and re-usability
  • Anticipated new or retooling validation by virtual commissioning