Open RoboGate

Open Robogate: Flexible Production Systems

Leveraging productivity, modularity and flexibility to transform assembly for high-speed, high-density manufacturing.

​OpenRobogate® is a strong structure with high repeatability and modularity. Structure stiffness and high closing force (in “Y” direction) guarantee high repeatability, while modularity for the introduction of new models guarantees investment scalability (footprint included).​

Product Features

  • Up to six model flexibility
  • More than 50KN closing force in the “Y” direction
  • High Repeatability
  • Up to 18 welding robots
  • Up to 100 spot weld (60 JPH)

Product experts guarantee engineering/process support to fit the product according to the customer’s process needs.

More than 180 applications spread all over the world, sold to the main car makers.

Open RoboGate “S” – WL14