Rhevo: Roller Hemming Solution | Comau

A completely automated solution that preserves the geometric uniformity of assembled parts while reducing time to market and lowering overall production costs.

Imagine a modular, compact and inherently flexible solution that can hem very complex elements across multiple manufacturing lines, and can operate in both push and pull modes.

Imagine more flexibility with higher seam quality and reliability. Imagine having full control over the entire process.

Imagine being able to support the production of low-volume luxury cars as easily as high-volume, dynamic manufacturing lines.

Imagine RHEvo.


RHEvo is an innovative roller hemming solution that guarantees consistent hemming quality over time with high reliability, complete process control and optimized interchangeability of the roller packs. It’s also a single tool that can be adapted to fit any brand of robot and allows manufacturers to address the entire range of hemming applications without changing the robot dressings. What’s more, the modular system enables better management and quicker exchange of spares, which translates to reduced downtime and increased efficiency.


  • No Robot Dressing for maximum robot accessibility
  • Total Force Control ensured by the purely mechanic structure
  • Effective Pressure in life-time
  • Push-Pull Structure delivers extreme flexibility with easy spare parts management
  • Wireless system for monitoring the Hemming Tracker quality