Comau presented innovative E-drive solutions at the Digital Tech Conference in Wuhan

Shanghai, May 24, 2024 – The Digital Tech Conference (DTC) 2024 was held on May 22 and 23 in Wuhan, with a primary focus on digital applications related to batteries and electric drive systems, lightweight design, smart manufacturing, engineering methods for battery tray assembly, core component molding and processing, and innovative applications. The event served as a platform for industry experts and technical engineers from both domestic and foreign OEMs and Tier 1 companies to discuss technical innovation, share successful cases and advance industrial technology. Eric Kai, Comau Head of Sales Account Powertrain & Electrification APAC, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech on ‘Electric Drive Technology Innovation and Practice’ at the Powertrain Engineering Subforum.

During his speech, Eric Kai presented Comau’s latest achievements in electric drive solutions for new energy vehicles and the launch of the company’s proprietary hairpin assembly technology. He also highlighted that Comau, with its leading R&D, prototyping, mass production and retooling capabilities, is able to provide tailored solutions to electric vehicle and motor manufacturers on a global scale. These solutions are designed to help customers bring new products to market quickly, while significantly improving the efficiency and flexibility of their production lines and equipment.

In the field of electric drive technology, Comau has developed a rich technology spectrum and continues to innovate in motor assembly. Specifically for hairpin stator assembly lines, Comau now covers complete processes such as automatic wire forming, insertion, widening, twisting, terminal cutting, busbar welding, etc., which can fully guarantee the flexible and intelligent production. Additionally, Comau optimizes the layout of the hairpin stator assembly line to reduce footprint and energy consumption through lean planning and modular design. This approach results in a more compact overall layout, reducing energy consumption while meeting the multifaceted needs of customers. By prioritizing efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy, Comau has also transformed traditional stator production methods to successfully address the challenges of manufacturing efficiency, labor costs, flexibility, and quality. As such, the company can fully support multi-variety production, ensuring product quality and reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

Drawing on over 50 years of experience in automotive powertrain assembly, Comau is well equipped to adapt to the changing landscape of vehicle electrification, offering comprehensive solutions ranging from individual components to complete systems for various technology routes, including hybrid, pure electric, and hydrogen.

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