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Battery Innovation Days 2023: cell formation explained by Craig Allen.

In these interviews, you’ll meet the team and the pioneering technologies that are making Comau the partner of choice for some of the world’s biggest Electrification companies. 

The third interview of the series features Craig Allen, who will talk about Comau’s cell formation strategy and products.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in Comau 

My Name is Craig Allen and I am the portfolio manager for Comau’s cell formation products and solutions. This means that I am responsible for defining the products that we will develop regarding battery cell formation, as well as orchestrating the prototyping, testing and validation of those products.  There is also a customer focused element to the role, where I assist the team in reviewing RFQ’s (Request for Quote), preparing offers and presenting our solutions to the customers.

Tell us about Battery Innovation Days and what you presented.

Battery Innovation Days was an important opportunity to present our current products, and where we are with our cell formation technology developments.  Cell formation is a collection of processes which are performed at the end of the cell production cycle. It was really exciting to show what we are able to offer to the “global” market.

What were you able to achieve during the event? 

I had two main objectives for the event: to speak with potential customers, understand their needs and present our solutions and competencies; and to collect feedback from the collective industry regarding cell formation. I was able to do both of these things, which is great for Comau and for me personally.

Please share your thoughts as to why Comau is the best choice of partner for customers in the Electrification sector.

Comau’s fully integrated approach to e-Mobility allows us to be a turn-key supplier of expertise, process design, product development and equipment from the very initial phases of a customer’s project. This allows us to offer a single-source solution that benefits from the added value of Comau’s  flexibility, proactivity, and ability to think out of the box

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