Inclusion and formation 4.0

When technological innovation, automation and digital skills characterize vocational training in prison

Turin, November 7, 2023

For the first time in Italy, the prison becomes the protagonist and recipient of a highly innovative and specialized training focused on the themes of Robotics, automation systems and programming languages.

At Turin’s “Lorusso and Cutugno” prison, in fact, a project has begun that is funded by the City of Turin and aimed at “dimittendi”, those inmates whose remaining sentence is no more than 24 months. Participating inmates are being trained in STEM. disciplines (in particular Mathematics, Robotics and Programming), the use and programming of industrial robots, coding and robotic welding.

Giovanna Pentenero, Turin’s City Councilor for Prison System Labor and Relations, explains, “In these months of activity we have tried to view the prison stay in accordance with the constitutional principle for which detention is a parenthesis in the time of a prisoner’s life. This also holds true for the training and the services we intend to provide as a City. The goal is to both prepare prisoners for life outside and to reduce the recidivism rate that is still too high for our male and female inmates. The goal we want and need to achieve, through education, vocational and human training that is as qualified and modern as possible is to make sure that working inside allows people to leave better than when they entered.”

The project is led by the Fondazione Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri (Arts and Trade Charity House Foundation), which has been working inside correctional institutions for fifty years. The foundation offers inmates vocational training opportunities that allow them to build a wealth of expendable skills for their professional and social reintegration. As Martino Zucco Chinà, Training Director, explains, “The challenging element of this project is to invest in the acquisition of highly specialized skills which can help foster the social reintegration of inmates even when their educational and work backgrounds are characterized by risk factors including social marginality. In this way, the jail time served becomes, in reality, an occasion and opportunity for a dignified future as a free citizen.”

The qualified technical partner of the initiative is Comau Academy, a leader in the field of Educational Robotics, who provided an e.DO Learning Center and classroom training packages, and took care of the teacher preparation. Ezio Fregnan, Director of the Comau Academy, notes: “It is very important for us to be part of a training ecosystem that unites the world of schools, companies and institutions, allowing Comau to contribute to the growth of skills in the local area, and create new social and re-employment opportunities.”

The experimental project started last July and will end in December. Participants are accompanied on a path to activate the citizenship skills and soft skills necessary for social and labor reintegration. In addition, the people involved, who will soon re-enter the working population, have the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in the world of Robotics and Automation, acquiring an employability skill that is closely aligned with the technological changes taking place.This important initiative helps favor the process of inclusion and fight against poverty and social marginality, emphasizes the Director of the “Lorusso and Cutugno” prison, Elena Lombardi Vallauri. “Training paths that allow people to find a job are one of the most necessary responses to the needs of detained individuals. The exit from prison, after the execution of one’s sentence, should be a moment of redemption and not a moment of new difficulty. The course, which is proceeding with excellent results both in terms of learning, and the interest and cooperation among students, is therefore confirmed as an excellent offer that will be enhanced with planned job placements.”


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