Innovative technologies and skills: Comau’s approach to the challenges of electrification discussed in two events in Turin

Turin, May 3, 2023 – Comau presented its expertise in the global electrification sector during two programs dedicated to the new challenges companies face during the energy transition: from researching highly specialized professional profiles, to building solutions and processes for more efficient and sustainable battery production.

Presenting its commitment to designing innovative technologies and training new skills in the field of alternative energies, Comau participated in “ Batteries for Energy Transition,” a workshop organized by the Polytechnic University of Turin to raise awareness among students about the importance of undertaking university courses that prepare future professionals in the field of electric battery production and regeneration. New technologies and automation systems for their processing are also being developed. Aldo D’Ambrosio, Battery Cells Solution Owner (Strategic Marketing and Solution Management, Comau), and Daniela Fontana, Funded Project Manager (Battery Global Competence Center, Comau), explained the projects for developing next-generation solutions in which Comau collaborates with several universities, including the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Polytechnic University of Milan, and international entities and large companies, such as ACC and Stellantis, that attended the event and with which Comau collaborates effectively in the e-mobility sector. According to the Polytechnic University of Turin, the increase in investment in electric mobility and decarbonization of the industrial sector in Europe will lead to the search for many experts with cross-functional knowledge in the coming years – from electrochemistry and material chemistry, to mechanical and electrical design and industrial digitization – capable of managing the evolution of manufacturing processes along the entire value chain.

With a focus on the production priorities that drive companies along the energy transformation journey, Comau participated in the roundtable “Sustainability and CO2 Reduction: solutions for electrification, to answer the demand of international key players”, aimed at Piedmontese SMEs and organized by Ceipiemonte. Attended the event, Gian Carlo Tronzano, Head of the e-Mobility Global Competence Center and Electrification Technical Fellow of Comau, gave an intervention on “New technologies for battery pack assembly and disassembly”, during which some of Comau’s latest projects for lithium-ion battery manufacturing and assembly were introduced, for the construction of new generation cells – e.g., solid-state batteries –and  the study of hydrogen automation technologies, through to the development of solutions for battery disassembly and reuse. Comau gave a presentation to participating companies on how to address the new market demand in the electrification industry efficiently, sustainably and cost-effectively, particularly stressing the need to enrich corporate teams with specialist and innovative skills to implement increasingly high-performing technologies and work processes. Finally, it focused on the value of contributing to the creation of a fully-European supply chain, fueling strategic, local and international collaborations, with the goal of making the most of all the opportunities provided by the European Union to drive the transition.