Comau technology supports workforce training for Stellantis North America and Wayne County Community College

Detroit (Southfield), MI , November 22 2022 – Comau is proud to have contributed to the award-winning Mechatronics program at Wayne County Community College, which was implemented by Stellantis North America and includes more than $10 million in donated robotics and manufacturing equipment from Stellantis, Comau and other Tier 1 suppliers. 

The Stellantis North America initiative has recently earned a Benchmark Award from Rainbow PUSH coalition, which was conferred by Reverend Jesse Jackson and Chairman John A. Graves. The award was presented to Mark Stewart, COO Stellantis North America, at the 2022 Rainbow PUSH Global Automotive Summit in Detroit (November 14-15), who in turn recognized Comau for its fundamental role in the project. 

Designed to build hands-on skills and promote job opportunities within the automotive industry, the workforce training program reflects Comau’s commitment to creating tangible and sustainable support for young generations from diverse communities and different socio-economic backgrounds. In fact, Comau engineers worked side-by-side the Stellantis project team to design an innovative training cell complete with turn-key programs and industry-specific applications. The company has hosted several classes over the past two years and has also donated multiple industrial robots and equipment to the project, including elements for automated material handling, painting, welding, general assembly and more. 

“Initiatives such as these bring immense value to both the industries and the communities involved, and underscore Comau’s ongoing dedication to creating social value for the territories in which it operates,”  Explains Christopher Lassen, Account Manager. “This one-of-a-kind training program will allow students to earn an associate degree in Mechatronics in a highly economical way. By taking this course through the Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus, which combines Controls and Mechanical trades, graduates will be in a position to benefit personally and professionally while helping shape the automation industry for years to come.