Comau presented innovative strategies and technologies to accompany companies towards Industry 5.0, at the I-ESA 2022 conference in Valencia

Turin, 24th March 2022 – Supporting the digital transformation of manufacturing companies to help them to successfully face the transition to Industry 5.0 within a productive context which is always more innovative, sustainable and challenging. This is one of the main topics for discussion which Comau brings to the international conference ESA 2022 in Valencia (23-25 March).

The event, organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, in collaboration with INTERVAL (Spanish Pole of INTEROP-Vlab) and the Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability, aims to fuel an international debate on tools and methodologies which companies can use to connect, internally and with its stakeholders, useful information and resources to optimize and rationalize the productive processes.

In particular, Alessandro Piscioneri, Digital Solutions and Services Segment Leader of Comau, takes part in the workshop “Artificial Intelligence beyond efficiency” with a keynote speech. Starting from Comau’s experience, Piscioneri illustrates the characteristics of an industrial system in continuous evolution, in which today are the foundations for the transition towards the so-called Industry 5.0.

This new landscape, the natural evolution of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is characterized by an increasingly central role of people in the factory, where Big Data and enabling technologies are at the service of the operator to make more effective and sustainable business processes and the work of human resources. Among these: the Digital Twin models, IIoT platforms and services for digitalization (like in.Grid) aimed to optimize production, virtual assistants based on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality (like Vir.GIL) to guide and simplify human work, but also collaborative robots (Racer-5 Cobot) and wearable robotics devices to improve the operational and ergonomic quality of operators (like the MATE -XT exoskeleton).

Finally, Piscioneri focuses the attention on the projects that Comau has conducted or is developing in collaboration with companies in various industrial sectors.