Easy and intuitive, Vir.GIL merges digital technologies, sensors and control software to guide workers when performing manual operations by creating a human-like interaction between the operator and the machine.

Using lights to guide the worker along the correct manual sequence, sensors to follow the worker and integrated intelligence to track and certify the process, Vir.GIL combines speech and gestures to guide the worker or teach itself new sequences for new tasks.

Vir.GIL can also be used for semi-manual operations by positioning the worker in the right place and confirming execution of the technological process only when the worker and workpiece are correctly positioned, thus ensuring precision and improving quality. And with its integrated certification feature to control things are done in the right way, Vir.GIL collects anonymous real-time data that can be used to verify technical parameters and improve working efficiency where needed.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and cost-effective solution to assist manual manufacturing processes
  • Easy-to-follow digital system with lights that guide the worker and sensors that follow the worker
  • Integrated controls with human-like speech and gesture interaction

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operator psycho – physical stress during manual operations
  • Ensure correct operations sequence, parts assembly and process execution
  • Increase quality and precision
  • Provide digitized data for IoT platforms and application
  • Easy, cost-effective solution for tool position recognition
  • Digitally incorporate manual tasks with the Smart Factory framework
  • On the job training for not skilled operators