Comau participates at Italian Design Icons in Chongqing

June 7, 2021, ChongqingOn June 6th, Comau successfully concluded its 3-day exhibition at the Italian Design Icons 2021 – Southwest Edition in Chongqing. Together with other celebrated Italian brands, the automation leader embraced the main theme of the temporary exhibition,  style and sustainability, by sharing its ideas and vision about innovation and new methods of industrial design for a more sustainable society.

As part of the exhibition, which aimed to promote Italian industrial and mechanical design, Gaetano Cantalupo, Comau China Managing Director, was invited to share Comau’s innovation and sustainable development strategy during an exclusive lecture on the second day of the event. He also outlined how Comau strives to fully exert its expertise to provide products and solutions that adhere to the concept of sustainable development while meeting the needs of the ever-evolving market.

At Comau, innovation stems from the company’s creative approach and a willingness to experiment with new technological concepts that follow or drive market trends. Since 2013, this approach is reflected in many of the Italian company’s new products, including the Racer 7 and Racer 5 robots; the Rebel SCARA; the LHYTE hybrid laser machine; the AURA and Racer-5 cobot; the small, modular and open-source e.DO robotic arm for educational purposes; and the MATE-XT wearable exoskeleton. Similarly, the design of the new Racer-5 COBOT is an example of how Comau has sought to combine aesthetics  with best-in-class technical specifications. It also shows how shape is complementary to performance and can even improve a machine’s efficiency.

Comau uses innovative processes to achieve low-carbon and energy-saving manufacturing, so as to fulfill its commitment to sustainable development. The energy-saving measures adopted by the Comau Shanghai plant include the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on the roof, which has generated 1.22 million kWh of electricity and saved over 400,000 tons of coal. At the exhibition press conference, Gaetano Cantalupo mentioned that Comau has been actively promoting the sustainable development of society and industry for a long time, and summarized Comau China’s efforts and contributions through the perspectives of quality, production safety and business operations.