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Press Shop Automation

The Technology to Control Your Processes

From start to finish, we help you optimize your press processes for better overall results.

​Smart IP Application Software

Comau’s customized application software, SMART IP, optimizes the manufacturing flows, calculates the cycle-time of the robots and synchronizes them with the presses.  SMART IP is a powerful software featuring a user-friendly interface and Windows-like icons. It reduces the robot start-on-production time, and manages the line production parameters, while ensuring:

  • Reduction of production stops thanks to simplified programming
  • Monitoring of the proper operating status of the line
  • Immediate productivity display
  • Total parameterization of the performances with a dedicated software interface

Process Simulate

Process Simulate is a 3D software for Robotics and Automation Planning that offers a wide range of features like simulation in 3D environment, off-line robots programing, testing of PLC controller or process analysis. The software enables early detection of problems and collisions and tool selection for production and automatization. It also helps users minimize investment costs through better planning and usage of resources, and reduced programming time.