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Press Shop Automation

Our Flexibility Increases Your Productivity

Comau-enhanced press lines deliver better overall performance in any environment.

Flexible Design

Comau’s approach to every line it develops is based on a careful evaluation of the technological resources available to reach the best result. Starting from the layout definition, obtained through three-dimensional modelling and kinematic simulation, Comau Robotics is able to guarantee:

•    Flexible solutions conceived to meet customer requirements and work with any kind of line
•    Quick installation and start-up of the equipment thanks to a skilled team specializing in press-to-press applications
•    Maximum production flexibility
•    Management of up to 256 stamped parts featuring different sizes and forms (shaped parts, parts featuring)
•    Flexibility in tailored blanks at different thicknesses
•    Simultaneous moving of multiple parts
•    Wide range of equipment and accessories suitable to meet any manufacturing requirement – grippers, destacking stations, industrial washing machines, conveyors, etc.

Versatile Solutions

In order to satisfy any production requirement – from the simplest to the most demanding – Comau’s press-to-press lines are available with a wide range of supporting components. Depending on the task to be carried out, every line can be equipped with various dedicated accessories, all of which are directly managed by the SMART IP software. The press-to-press system can also be integrated with grippers, destacking stations, centering stations, washing/oiling/brushing machines, automatic tool changers, conveyor belts, automatic racking systems and more.


Loading/Destacking station

We provide complete solutions to automate the station where the blank is picked up and worked. Located before the sheet loading into the head press, the station can be equipped with washing and/or oiling and/or brushing machines, as well as centering tables with mechanical or vision systems. Destacking stations can even be integrated after the initial project should the customer wish to distribute the investment over a longer period of time

Turnover station

According to production requirements and available equipment (for instance in case of double-action presses), it may be necessary to turn over the sheet with a “flying” passage between two robots after the drawing phase.

Press-to-press handling stations

We can automate intermediate press-to-press cells in which the sheet is picked up from one press and positioned in the following one for the subsequent finishing operations. The high speed and acceleration of SMART PressBooster robots, as well as the possibility of reaching extended distances, guarantee high productivity and efficiency of the system day after day.

Unloading / Racking station

Sheet unloading station from the end-of-line press and racking of the sheets in containers or similar stocking equipment. This station can be realized with either a totally robotized system or through hybrid solutions that incorporate partially manual operations. The station can also be supplied with conveyors and racking systems.

Hot forming

Hot Forming is a relatively new technology that is being applied in automotive market. It uses new, boron-alloyed steels for structural and safety car components parts. Blanks are heated inside an oven up to 950°C (1,742°F) before they are stamped and cooled down to 250°C - 482°F under pressure of the die press to meet specific parameters. Thanks to martensitic transformation occurring in steel during this process, parts leave the hot stamping line with high, perfect mechanical properties: an ultimate tensile strength of 1400 to 1600MPa (about 200 to230KSI) and a yield strength between 1000 and 1200Mpa (about 145 to 175KSI).

Automatic Quality Control

Our quality control technology system is equipped with cameras, special lightning and software in order to measure stamped parts before racking to detect potential cracks and avoid deviations.